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Re: RFS: tvbrowser -- TV-Browser is a java-based TV guide

Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
> Bastian Venthur wrote:
>> Hi Mentors,
> Hi Bastian (don't know if you read the list so I'm cc'ing)

Hi Arnaud, hi Mentors,

at first: thanks for answering my RFS

>> I've packaged[1] tvbrowser[2], which cloeses #321230[3] and am now
>> seeking for a sponsor.
>> This is my first debian-package, build from scratch. It is linda- and
>> lintian clean. I've contact to the upstream-authors and they are already
>> looking forward to see their nice program in debian.
> ant, j2sdk1.4 and j2sdk1.5 are in contrib or non-free so your package
> couldn't go to main. (ant is moving to main, but j2sdk1.x are not!) The
> section (in debian/control:Section) should be contrib/utils
>> [1] http://venthur.de/debian/tvbrowser
>> [2] http://tvbrowser.org
> I see there is a client and a server, do you package the client or the
> server or both?

I package the client -- I did not even note, that upstream also provides a
server, but as far as I (now) understand, the server is a tool to provide
the data, so users of tvbrowser can use them. If this is correct, I provide
only the server.

> Did you tried to build/run it with free tools (kaffe, jamvm, sablevm,
> gcj/gij, jikes, etc...)? (it seems some javax.swing.text.html.* classes
> are missing in kaffe 1.1.5-x but I don't know if there've been
> implemented yet...)

No I did not try yet. To be honest my idea was: try to get tvbrowser
sponsored and if its in debian try to build/run it with the free tools.

But I was already aware of the fact (it depends on jre to run and jsdk to
build) that tvbrowser has to be "contrib" -- but I was not able to find a
hint in the new-maintainers-guide where to set this flag. I've googled
around but did not find anything -- so I thought this assignment would take
place at some other point (debian-masters? I have really no idea). If I can
set this flag by myself please give me a hint were.

So if it's OK, I'd like to stick to my plan and would like to upload it as
"contrib" and try to make it "main" as one of the next steps.

BTW: I've installed this package on two different boxes and it worked like a
charm :)

Kind regards


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