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Re: GH packaging for Debian/frown availability

Op wo, 29-06-2005 te 13:38 +0200, schreef Andres Loeh:
> Hi Arjan.
> Ralf showed me your mail requesting information of frown.
> It's great that you want to package Generic Haskell for Debian.
> I do, however, not understand why you would need UUAG and frown.
> Both do clearly have free licenses, so the generated code is
> clean. But why do they have to be available? It's the *recommended*
> way to build the Generic Haskell binary not to rerun these tools.
> The generated sources should be fine.
> Is this some sort of strange Debian regulation? Do they really
> require this somewhere? Do they also require you to regenerate
> every autoconf file in a source distribution etc.?
Hi Andres,

[I am CC debian-mentors because there is much more knowledge then I 
have. I hope you don't mind]

Generic Haskell is free (as in speech) and the generated source files
are enough to build Generic Haskell, so maybe technically it is free
enough to go in the main archive, I think. 

The problem is that there are no free compilers IN the Debian main
archive to generate the sources from the sources which you use to
develop Generic Haskell (the .ag files and the source file for frown).
This means that if someone wants to modify/patch Generic Haskell he has
to modify the generated sources which is a pain. (The output of uuagc is
not really for human comsumption ;) )  So as long as uuagc (and frown)
are not in main generic-haskell should be in contrib, IIRC 

Maybe someone from debian-mentors can tell me what the guidelines arefor
packages which can build from generated sources with tools in Debian
main, but not from the 'original' sources? 

I am planning to get uuagc in the main archive (and frown after it is
available). When uuagc is in the archive I think Generic Haskell can be
uploaded to main. (There is only one file processed frown which isn't
modified that often)

> Apart from that, I think that Ralf is still planning to release
> frown to the public at a point, but I don't know when it will be
> happening.
That is nice.

For now Debian packages of Generic-Haskell are available form

Greetings Arjan Oosting. 

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