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Re: RFS: wmii -- lightweight, tiling and tabbed X11 window manager

Ralph Amissah <ralph.amissah@gmail.com> wrote:
> ++ same here.
> Surprised this has taken so long to happen.
> I'd recommend wmi over all other window managers, except,
> well except ion3 and then, only if you are prepared to 
> spend the time to get to know it. (it takes all types :)
This RFS is not about wmi, but about its successor wmii (wmi2, upstream
chose a roman numbering style resulting in wmii). I tried to bring wmi
into debian, but lacking a sponsor for it. After the upstream author
stopped maintaining wmi it was no option to bring it into debian

A DD already got in contact with me and is willing to sponsor the
package, so hopefully we will see it in debian soon :)


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