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RFS: reddo internet translator


I am looking for a sponsor for the reddo application that I 
develop myself.

Package name        : reddo
Licence             : GPL
Short description   : reddo internet translator
Long description    : Reddo is a command line tool to translate any
                      pair of languages using web translators such
                      google, babelfish or others.
Download            : http://sourceforge.net/projects/reddo

It's available via this apt repository:

/etc/apt/source.list lines:
    deb http://reddo.sourceforge.net/ debian/
    deb-src http://reddo.sourceforge.net/ debian/

Reddo is a command line tool, very simple, easy to use, but 
*very* useful. Examples of use (there's a man page describing 
all options):

    $ reddo -l en-es penguin

    $ reddo -s babelfish -l en-fr "My tailor is rich"
    Mon tailleur est riche

    $ reddo -s google -l en-es "hello, how are you?"
    ¿hola, cómo es usted?

It's written in python, using XML files to support web translator 
services. At this moment, reddo supports google and babelfish 


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