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Re: cogito_0.10-1 available

Ben Finney wrote on 10/05/2005 04:44:
> On 09-May-2005, Sebastian Kuzminsky wrote:
>>Peter Samuelson <peter@p12n.org> wrote:
>>] [Sebastian Kuzminsky]
>>] > the shell libraries are moved to /usr/lib/cogito.
>>] Correct, except that it should be /usr/share/cogito/.
>>The FHS describes /usr/share as "architecture-independent data", and
>>gives examples like sound files and icons; this conflicts with
>>executable code in my mind.
> It could be better described, yes. My understanding of /usr/share as
> "architecture-independent" (and read-only, as the description
> continues) is that /usr/share/can potentially be mounted read-only
> for multiple machines of different architectures.

Note that (application specific portions of) /usr/share are often
mounted even across different types of Unix (derivates). I know of at
least 4 sites where /usr/share/cups was network-mounted by both Linux
and Solaris clients.

That's the reason why I usually think of /usr/share as architecture
indepedent and non-executable data.


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