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Re: lintian: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath

On Thu, 09 May 2002, Marc Haber wrote:
> From the docs I found, there is no legitimate reason for any package
> to define rpath on a Debian system. Is this correct? Does this also
> apply to other Linux systems?

It is correct for anything that shall end up in the usual ld.so directories.
It does not apply to other Linux systems necessarily.

> Since linux-atm's configure script does not honor thle --disable-rpath
> option and compiles with rpath setting anyway, I'd need to hack the
> autoconf/automake scripts and the Makefile templates to remove rpath
> to get a lintian clean package. I don't have the necessary knowledge

Why not convert it to new autotools (including up-to-date libtool)?  That
would fix the issue once and for all.

> Is it adiviseable to ask upstream to refrain from setting rpath, or am
> I being unreasonable here?

Setting rpath unconditionally is certainly obnoxious, you could ask them to
make it optional.

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