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RFS: NMU for chkrootkit

Hi at last!

I found out that there had been an new upstream release for chkrootkit, and I 
intented to package it.
Also, I closed many many false positives that are related in README.debian 
file, specificaly or generaly - like for false positives due to tcp port 
Then I added some translated templates found in the request bug DB, and 
correct one or two minor and easy bugs.

I don't about the security aspects of the new upstream release, but if you 
want to consider my work, it is located at:
deb http://www.cti.ecp.fr/~beauxir5/debian/ binary/
deb-src http://www.cti.ecp.fr/~beauxir5/debian/ source/

Any remarks, etc...


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