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RFS: "xdkcal" package


Who I am:
A debian user since slink.

Why I post here:
I prefer minimalistic window managers, but would like to have calendar
on desktop nicely integrated with wallpaper - xdkcal just does it.

It had however a nasty bug, that caused it to display wrong month name.
I submitted that bug, but it was not fixed for a long time, so tried to
fix that by myself. I managed to do that, and I found it fun.

I could not be a full scale debian developer, but I could be this little
package's maintainter or helper maintainer.
I don't know if current maintainer Michael Beattie <mjb@debian.org>
wants to continue his work on this package.
Most bugs for this package are not fixed for several years already.

About a package:
[from the package]
Description: Desktop Calendar for X
 X Desktop Calendar (xdkcal) is a Calendar for X Window System.
 It draws calendar on your desktop.  You can customize, fontset,
 color drawing style.  This application is completely internationalized
 so it reads locale database and draw locale specific strings,
 such as name of months or weeks.

Its homepage has gone.

New packages:
The packages prepared by me are available here:


Please contact me, and I will describe precisely my changes.


Norbert Pabiś

Nobody expects the Debian Inquisition!
Our two weapons are fear and surprise... and ruthless efficiency!

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