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Re: Sources with missing dependencies

Michelle Konzack wrote:

> dpkg-buildpackage ...
> ----8<--------------------------------------------
> and now it stops, because missing build dependencies.
> Now two quesions:
> 1)  What should I do in such situation?
>     Write a BUG report against the package ?

Yes, please file a bug against the package with severity "grave".  If
the package can be built on sid, but not on sarge, then also tag the bug
"sarge".  Which package, by the way?

> 2)  How does buildd handel such situation?

If a package can't be compiled on the buildd then usually the package
maintainer will get an FTBFS bug filed by the buildd maintainer.  In
some corner cases, it's possible that a package will compile on a buildd
but not with "apt-get build-dep" etc., because sbuild (the core buildd
program) has an implementation of dependencies different from APT's.
It's also possible that a package will compile in sid but not in sarge,
because the sarge testing scripts don't check build-deps.


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