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Hello Sven,

* Sven Mueller <sm@ciphirelabs.com> [2005-03-23 15:30]:
> Nico Golde wrote on 22/03/2005 20:04:
> >Isn't DESTDIR obsolete, if the script understands prefix?
> >regards nico
> Not necessarily. Many source Packages (read: upstream source) understand 
> prefix, but only take that into account for binaries (and use a different 
> one for data files or manpages). Furthermore, prefix is often used to 
> modify default file locations used in the binary (i.e. where to expect the 
> config file or data files). DESTDIR is explicitly _only_ used in the 
> install target (and sometimes in the uninstall target) but has no 
> influence on the pathes compiled into the installed files while prefix has 
> such an influence.

Ok thank you very much for your further information.
regards nico
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