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klibido - usenet binary grabber for KDE

Hello Mentors,

Klibido[1] is a usenet binary grabber written in c++ by Alessandro "bauno" Bonometti <bauno_at_inwind.it>.

I packaged it and would like to maintain it for Debian.

The package is lintian valid and respects the Debian Policy, except for this warning caused by CVS directory in upstream package (The author is aware ).
W: klibido source: source-contains-CVS-dir admin/CVS

You can grab the package sources/binaries using my repository:

   deb http://orniere-du-globe.net/debian ./
   deb-src http://orniere-du-globe.net/debian ./

I know the upstream author and have contributed to upstream sources and i helped in fixing a bug in the release.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.

       Gonéri Le Bouder

1: http://klibido.sf.net/

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