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Re: About control files

On 03/17/2005 12:59 PM, Lucas Di Pentima wrote:

I'm reading the Policy Manual so I can correct any errors I have in my
control file before sending my program to Lucas Wall, that had accepted
to be my sponsor.

Reading this URL:


...I see that the source package control file must be in
"debian/control", and the binary control file must be in
"DEBIAN/control"...am I right? they are different directories? I didn't
knew that.

The binary control file is built from your source control file when you compile your source package into a binary package.

Check the directory <srctopdir>/debian/<pkgname>/DEBIAN (<pkgname> may be tmp, or something else, if you are building a multi-binary package) after you build your package (and before you do a clean). Or extract the control.tar.gz file from the deb file using ar[1].


[1] man deb

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