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Re: GNOME War Pad: Sponsor needed

Hi Moritz!

Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote, On 16/03/05 06:11:

"VGA Planets" was really nice, I played it ages ago in DOS. But the "Gnome
War Pad" entry at the Linux Game Tome says, that you need a version of
"VGA Planets", either shareware or the registered, to play. Is this still
true with the current release? If so, it can't go into main, but only
in the contrib section.
Yes, GWP needs the non-free VGA Planets host (the original, or
alternative PHost, which isn't free software either, although both are
free as in beer) to play. Strictly speaking, GWP right now is a viewer,
so it doesn't need the Host, but the idea is to make a full client so
eventually it will need it.

One question I have is this: if my program have to go to the 'contrib'
section, it's still part of Debian? that is, the procedure to make it
part of the contrib section is the same as any other program in the
'main' section? If yes: do you want to be my sponsor? :-)

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