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GNOME War Pad: Sponsor needed

Hi to all Debian Mentors out there!

I'm a long time Debian user and now I'm wanting to start helping the
Debian team, firstly with some packaging works on a free software
project of mine: GNOME War Pad (or GWP for short).

GWP[0] is a 'VGA Planets' 3.x client that's intended to allow free
software users to play this excellent strategy game without using the
typical DOS/Win clients.

'VGA Planets'[1] is a strategy, space conquest, play-by-email game that
has been played for a long time now (since FidoNet!!), it allows up to
11 players in a single game, and it's so simple and complex at the same
time, that's very addictive. Many people around the world play this
game subscribing themselves to several online game hosting sites.
The only drawback with 'VGA Planets' is that is shareware, unregistered
copies have some limitations (technology levels limits for example...),
but it can be used to play anyways. Registration is not expensive though.

Since the original (official) VGA Planets client is *SO BAD*, many
people have written several alternative clients, like VPA[2] or PCC[3],
most of them for DOS, so that's why I started this project around year
2002, and had been improving it steadily ever since.

Today, GWP is an almost complete 'VGA Planets' viewer, with a
python-based plugin infraestructure (the rest is programmed in C), and
in the near future, works will be started to make GWP a complete client,
capable of sending the turns with all the actions from the player. It's
also already translated in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German
and Portuguese).

GWP's license is the GPL, and I'm already packaging it for Debian, so I
need someone with patience to be my sponsor, check my .deb[4] package
and tell me what's missing or wrong so we can upload this software to
Debian's repository.

Thanks in advance :-)

[0] http://gwp.lunix.com.ar
[1] http://www.vgaplanets.com
[2] http://vpa.sourceforge.net
[3] http://phost.de/~stefan/pcc.html
[4] http://gwp.lunix.com.ar/releases/packages/gwp_0.3.6-1_i386.deb

Lucas Di Pentima - Santa Fe, Argentina - Jabber ID: lucas@lunix.com.ar
LUNIX: Soluciones en GNU/Linux - http://www.lunix.com.ar
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