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Re: Help: debian packaging

also sprach Hervé Cauwelier <herve.cauwelier@free.fr> [2005.03.10.1219 +0100]:
> I guess you should just copy it to debian/etc/<package name>/config.d

debian/<package name>/etc/<package name>/config.d

> Remember to ask Debhelper to create this folder by adding a line
> in your dirs file.

or a `mkdir -p -m755` call to debian/rules

> "The point is that the policy says that configuration files that
> are automatically generated must not be marked as conffiles. Yet
> the maintainer must ensure that they are treated as configuration
> files, with help from tools like ucf."

In this case, it would be a conffile and automatically treated as
such (given DH_COMPAT >= 3).

> >The package already creates the folder but not configuration
> >files.
> Yes, a sensible default configuration may be even required by the
> Policy.

Absolutely. And you use debconf for all settings that you cannot
determine automatically in a sensible way.

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