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Re: Help: debian packaging

Charles Majola wrote:
Hi all

I need help with this: how do I add configuration files to a debian package.
I want to add files to /etc/package-name/config.d

I guess you should just copy it to debian/etc/<package name>/config.d

Remember to ask Debhelper to create this folder by adding a line in your dirs file.

If you should DH_COMPAT below 3, you need to mark this file as conffile by adding its relative path in the conffiles file. You can see an example in:

DH_COMPAT is 4 by default.

And to quote Martin F Krafft in a recent thread:

"The point is that the policy says that configuration files that are
automatically generated must not be marked as conffiles. Yet the
maintainer must ensure that they are treated as configuration files,
with help from tools like ucf."

The package already creates the folder but not configuration files.

Yes, a sensible default configuration may be even required by the Policy.

Is it xchat-systray? :-)

Hervé Cauwelier

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