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Re: DESTDIR and .conf file

On Tue, Mar 08, 2005 at 11:02:19PM +0100, Rakotomandimby (R12y) Mihamina wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm still learning to build debian package.
> Following the Debian New Maintainer's guide.
> There are two things I dont understand:
> 1 ) -------
>  I want that once the binary package is installed, the file
> 'minimalist.pl' is into '/usr/bin'. To do so, I put these in the install
> section of my "rules" file:
> install: build
>         dh_testdir
>         dh_testroot
>         dh_clean -k 
>         dh_installdirs
>         cp minimalist.pl debian/minimalist/usr/bin
> Is it right? Where should I specify i want it into '/usr/bin',
> '/usr/sbin', whatever... ?
> There's no makefile for this software. It's just about copying one file
> into the path.
/usr/sbin/ if it is only useful to root, /usr/bin/ otherwise.

You should consider calling it /usr/[s]bin/minimalist, in case it is
at some point not implemented in perl.
> 2 ) --------
> To install the configuration file, I append to what I written (in the
> "install" section yet:
>         cp minimalist.conf-sample debian/minimalist/etc/minimalist.conf
> I had to append 'etc' into the 'dirs' file.
> Is it right ?
Yes.  This makes it a "configuration file".  If you want it to be a
conffile (which I suspect you do), you should also list it in

Read about conffiles here:

> PS: I do know there is a minimalist package.
> I just do it to learn.
Nuff said.


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