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DESTDIR and .conf file

I'm still learning to build debian package.
Following the Debian New Maintainer's guide.
There are two things I dont understand:

1 ) -------
 I want that once the binary package is installed, the file
'minimalist.pl' is into '/usr/bin'. To do so, I put these in the install
section of my "rules" file:

install: build
        dh_clean -k 

        cp minimalist.pl debian/minimalist/usr/bin

Is it right? Where should I specify i want it into '/usr/bin',
'/usr/sbin', whatever... ?
There's no makefile for this software. It's just about copying one file
into the path.

2 ) --------

To install the configuration file, I append to what I written (in the
"install" section yet:

        cp minimalist.conf-sample debian/minimalist/etc/minimalist.conf

I had to append 'etc' into the 'dirs' file.
Is it right ?

PS: I do know there is a minimalist package.
I just do it to learn.
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