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Re: Replacement package

Lars Roland wrote on 08/03/2005 16:04:
It is a little more complex than that

The original package is named Qmail but its version is named
1.03-zarge1, so all packages that depends on Qmail looks for Qmail >>
1.03-zarge1. This is somewhat annoying because I want my package to be
named Qmail and have version number 1.03-patched. If I do this then
non of the packages that depends on qmail-1.03-zarge1 can install.

In this case, you can't use Provides:. dpkg doesn't allow versioned depends to be resolved by Provides: (and doesn't support versions in the Provides: statement either). You package is named qmail and the package you want to replace is named qmail. What's different are the versions. If other packages depend on qmail (>=1.03-zarge1), then you will have to provide that: a package named qmail with a version higher than 1.03-zarge1. For example 1.03.mypatch.1 should be higher than 1.03-zarge11.


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