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Replacement package


I have created a package that replaces another package, but uses the
same dependencies and have the same functionality. Given that I want
to maintain a minimum of changes to existing packages I want to know
if it is possible to let my package appear to debian as another

that is:

Depended package: fastforward_-zarge1: This package depends on qmail_zarge1.

Original package: qmail_zarge1    - This is the package that other
packages depends on also this package depends on fastforward_-zarge1
(circular dependency).

My package: qmail_patched1       - I Want this to be a replacement to
qmail_zarge1but without changing fastforward_-zarge1

Coming from a RPM world I am used to using a provide keyword (that is
a keyword that tells the package system that my package provides the
same functionality as qmail_zarge1).

Can this somehow be done ?.


Lars Roland

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