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RFS: libimage-rsvg-perl (#2)


This is RFS #2 for libimage-rsvg-perl.

Image::LibRSVG is a great perl binding to librsvg. librsvg is the lib
used by Gnome, for example, to render thumbnails of SVG drawings.

I've packaged Image::RSVG perl, and look for someone to look at it
and if possible to sponsor its upload. 

   * Package: libimage-rsvg-perl
   * License: dual GPL/Artistics ("same terms as Perl itself")
   * Description: Perl binding for librsvg
      This package contains the Image::LibRSVG Perl module, which
      enables rasterization of SVG drawings into bitmap images from Perl

ITP is #276614.

It's files are at:

Could someone at least look at the package? ;-)


Antonio S. de A. Terceiro <asaterceiro@inf.ufrgs.br>
GnuPG ID: E6F73C30

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