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RFS: wmakerconf 2.11-1, wmakerconf-data

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Dear debian-mentors,

My usual sponsor for wmakerconf and wmakerconf-data, Nicolas Boullis,
has lately had only intermittent connectivity to the Internet.  Would
someone therefore be willing to sponsor these two source packages for
me, just this one time?  It would be nice to get them into testing ASAP,
since I've finally ported wmakerconf to GTK+ 2, and the new version
fixes a number of incompatibilities with Window Maker 0.91.

You can get source code for them by adding the following line to

	deb-src http://borex.princeton.edu/~kmccarty/ unstable main

and running "apt-get update; apt-get source wmakerconf wmakerconf-data".

Regarding the potential questions of a) why there are separate source
packages for the program and its data, and b) why wmakerconf-data has
such a weird upstream number: it's a long story, but I plan to fix these
issues after the sarge release.

For completeness, here are the package descriptions.


> Description: GTK+ based configuration tool for Window Maker
>  Interactive graphical configuration utility for Window Maker. It
>  permits configuration of Window Maker using a mouse driven point and
>  click interface, avoiding direct manual editing of its configuration
>  files.
>  .
>  There is not much point in installing this program without
>  Window Maker on the system, but this package doesn't depend on the
>  wmaker package so it may be used with, for example, self-compiled
>  installations of Window Maker.


> Description: Data files for wmakerconf, a configuration tool for Window Maker
>  This contains the necessary information that enables wmakerconf to generate
>  a configuration file for Window Maker. In normal circumstances, you
>  only have to change this package in order to be able to configure a new
>  version of Window Maker. This package is useless without wmakerconf and
>  an appropriate version of Window Maker.

thanks and regards,

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