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Re: RFS: Peercast

 Hi mentors!

My last message - two days ago - did not get any answer, so I post it again.

I had forgot to explain why peercast would important as a package:
Peercast is one of the new streaming server deisgned to stream in P2P. 
Moreover, it uses the GNUTELLA protocol, is 100% GPL, and if you look at the 
source code, is - up to my point - well written, simple, light etc..
Then, the next important thing to do is to make it popular, because of the way 
it broadcast - the more we get listeners, the more we get sources - .

If you dislike it, or have an objection, or anything, I would be intersted to 
know it.
But please say it ;)


I made a new version of peercast package with the following changes as you 
-- I cleaned the changelog, and removed the +radiopi tag
-- I ensured that my changes are in the diff.
Note: I've submited those changes for ages to the upstream maintener, but he 
seems alone to dev, and does not answer to his messages..
-- I removed the startup question, and added a note about the use of 
update-rc.d instead

you can still find it there:
deb http://www.cti.ecp.fr/~beauxir5/debian binary/
deb-src http://www.cti.ecp.fr/~beauxir5/debian source/

Now I hope you'll like it!

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