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Re: RFC and RFS: latex-svninfo

Hi all,

On Tuesday 11 January 2005 16.26, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> [not subscribed to tetex-maint, so please cc: me if replying there.]
> Yo!
> I created a quick package of Achim Brucker's svninfo latex Package.
> <http://www.brucker.ch/projects/svninfo/index.en.html>

Available at <http://fortytwo.ch/debian/latex-svninfo>

I think I've addressed all issues that were raised so far - but of course 
I'm still open for comments.

I'm working with Achim (upstream) on the license issue in the .cfg file, I'm 
confident that it is purely a technical and not a real license issue - the 
default .cfg file is generated during the build.

Once this is resolved, and (see other mail) the remaining question regarding 
texdoc/mkhtml is addressed (Frank: this probably should be addressed in the 
TeX packaging policy - I didn't see it), I feel the package is ready to be 

-- vbi

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