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Re: RFS: mocp -- music on console player

 * Nico Golde <nico@ngolde.de> wrote:

>> I have uploaded it, http://www.orora.org/michalj/debian/mocp/
> the package has no revision number. it should be -1. change
> the changelog file.


> THe short descriptopn in the control file shouldnt start
> with a capital letter.

 Most of short descriptions in debian packages starts with capital
 letter, so what is the rule?

Debian policy, 5.1:
,, Field names are not case-sensitive, but it is usual to capitalize
   the field names using mixed case as shown below.''

> check the files with linda and lintian.

 No errors, no warnings.

aarcia% for i in *.(deb|dsc|changes); do echo $i; linda $i; lintian $i; done

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