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Re: Need Sponsor for Package and Myself

Ryan Stutsman wrote on 09/01/2005 03:59:
The changes are posted
(http://www.cs.purdue.edu/homes/rstutsma/debian/).  If you (or anyone)
has time to look at the packages please give me feedback and/or sponsor
the package.

debian/README.Debian should only contain specific information regarding use of the program on a debian system. The upstream URL is already documented in debian/copyright and the fact that the game is still in early development stages should probably be listed in the long description of it in debian/control (and it is also pretty much implied by the upstream readme file which you also install).

It might be a good idea to get the wordlist from a regularly updated source. Don't know which might apply, but ispell comes to mind.

You should be a _little_ more verbose in the manpage. Like: What is the game about and how do you play it.

No need to mention that it is your first debian package in debian/changelog (it isn't a change to the package, is it?).

You do not install any examples, so why call dh_installexamples in debian/rules?

You use debian/docs to avoid the dh_installdocs commandline options, so why don't you use debian/manpages (or better: debian/<package>.manpages) to do the same with dh_installman?

Nothing serious, I would say (but IANADD yet), just a few minor issues/inconsistencies.


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