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Re: CERN root

Ricardo Yanez wrote:

> 	I have packaged CERN's root (an object oriented data analysis
> framework) for our internal distribution. ROOT is widely used in nuclear
> and particle physics labs, groups, etc. Since root is becoming the
> standard, substituting PAW which is distributed by Debian, I thought to
> seek a sponsor for this software, learn more about packaging, and help
> my fellow physicist around the world.

Hi Ricardo,

I guess it's been mentioned that there are serious licensing issues a
package of Root would have to surmount.  On a different note, though, I
was just wondering if you had checked into the Debian packaging already
present in Root.  There are scripts in root/build/package/lib that
create a debian directory, although I seem to remember them being
unsupported or non-working; if you haven't already, you may want to take
a look at them.  Maybe they could be fixed and sent upstream.


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