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Re: pkg-classifier appliance

On Tue 14 Dec 04,  1:59 PM, martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> said:
> also sprach vegetax <vegeta.z@gmail.com> [2004.12.14.1346 +0100]:
> > The url for the tgz containing the source code, just 1 python file
> > and a README is http://files.bighosting.net/lh13023.zip  , can
> > someone  please check it and upload it to the testing or unstable
> > dist ?  
> Please read the Debian NM FAQ and submit all files that we need.
I just spent 10 minutes trying to Google for the NM FAQ.  Sorry to have to
ask this, but can you post the URL for this document?  Sounds like something
I'd really like to read.

Also, from reading the NM Maintainer's Guide, it appears that an architecture
of "any" is used as a wildcard that gets filled in by dpkg-gencontrol to
reflect the arch of the machine the package gets compiled on.

An arch of "all" specifically means something that runs on all architectures,
like a Perl script.


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