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Re: pkg-classifier appliance

martin f krafft wrote:

> also sprach vegetax <vegeta.z@gmail.com> [2004.12.14.1209 +0100]:
>> sorry , but the atached file in my original post has a debug flag
>> , so it shows ugly output,it works ok, but in this mail is the
>> right one:
> please use mentors.debian.net or other web space to put your files
> online. do not attach them. In particular, we need the orig.tar.gz,
> dsc, and diff.gz files. The .deb file by itself it of zero use.

I cant get access to mentors.debian.net , mm i will upload it on some site,
but the  .deb i put has just one python file which is the whole source code
and binary at the same time.

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