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Re: RFS: backup-manager -- Powerful and easy-to-use backup tool.

* Esteban Manchado Velázquez (zoso@demiurgo.org) disait :
>    Perhaps I could sponsor it. Three preliminary comments:

You can grab on my repository the 0.5.5-3 release of backup-manager
which includes all what you requested here :

>    1) /etc/backup-manager.conf.tpl should not be in /etc/, as it's not a
> configuration file. It should probably go to /usr/share/backup-manager

That's done, the tpl file is now installed in /usr/share/backup-manager/

>    2) For some reason, backup-manager doesn't work for me as packaged: $UID is
> always empty, so it always says "you have to be root to execute this". The
> problem seems to be the shebang line (/bin/sh as opposed to /bin/bash, for
> example, which works indeed). I guess the real problem is the way of knowing
> the user id (I still don't know if there are bashisms in the code).

Indeed, that bashism was pointed out on the list and I've fixed it in
0.5.5-2, backup-manager now requires /bin/bash.

>    3) If only root can execute it, it should be in /usr/sbin (not in
> /usr/bin).

Currently, that's true, backup-manager can only be run by root, fixed in
0.5.5-3 too.

> I haven't check other simple backup solutions, but this seems nice. If nobody
> opposes, I will probably sponsor it (after I can find some time to see it in
> detail).

Feel free to contact me for more details on the code implementation or
anything else, I'll be happy to answer anything about this software.



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