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Re: RFS: backup-manager -- Powerful and easy-to-use backup tool.

On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 06:12:34PM +0100, Alexis Sukrieh wrote:
> Hello mentors.
> I would like to introduce the backup-manager[1] software to the Debian
> community. It is a shell script, written with care and which is 100% debianized
> (including the use of Debconf).
> [...]
> If you are interested in sponsoring my package, feel free to contact me
> either on the list or in private.

   Perhaps I could sponsor it. Three preliminary comments:

   1) /etc/backup-manager.conf.tpl should not be in /etc/, as it's not a
configuration file. It should probably go to /usr/share/backup-manager
   2) For some reason, backup-manager doesn't work for me as packaged: $UID is
always empty, so it always says "you have to be root to execute this". The
problem seems to be the shebang line (/bin/sh as opposed to /bin/bash, for
example, which works indeed). I guess the real problem is the way of knowing
the user id (I still don't know if there are bashisms in the code).
   3) If only root can execute it, it should be in /usr/sbin (not in

I haven't check other simple backup solutions, but this seems nice. If nobody
opposes, I will probably sponsor it (after I can find some time to see it in


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