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Re: [Dict-common-dev] RFS: itagalog - The tagalog dictionary for Ispell.

On Sun, Dec 05, 2004 at 06:40:14AM +1100, Jan Alonzo wrote:
> Hi,
> Good Day! Another request for someone to sponsor itagalog, the tagalog dictionary for
> ispell for inclusion in Debian. It has the same ideals as aspell-tl, is
> lint-free, and DSDT-compliant[1] as well.
> I don't think two (or more) dictionaries doesn't hurt as both (ispell and
> aspell) have two different purposes, with ispell more integrated into Debian.

Just a quick comment. You probably do not need to have different source
packages for itagalog and aspell-tl if they both come from the same

I will take a deeper look at the package and sponsor it, if you want.



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