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RFS: itagalog - The tagalog dictionary for Ispell.


Good Day! Another request for someone to sponsor itagalog, the tagalog dictionary for
ispell for inclusion in Debian. It has the same ideals as aspell-tl, is
lint-free, and DSDT-compliant[1] as well.

I don't think two (or more) dictionaries doesn't hurt as both (ispell and
aspell) have two different purposes, with ispell more integrated into Debian.

Thanks again and any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Package: itagalog
Version: 0.02-1
License: GPL
Package URL: http://www.unpluggable.com/debian/unstable


[1] Debian Spelling Dictionaries and Tools Policy

Jan Alonzo                          <jmalonzo@unpluggable.com>

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