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RFS: nslint (version 2.1a3), took over maintenance from Tommi Virtanen


After asking him wether he would want to keep maintaining the package himself (and offering help in doing so), alternatively offering to take it over myself, Tommi told me to take it over. His mail regarding this matter is available on request.

The nslint package I created took over Tommi's non-debhelper scripts for now (I will probably move the package to debhelper some day) and is available at http://incase.de/debian/ (also apt-get'able via "deb http://incase.de/debian/ ./" and "deb-src http://incase.de/debian/ ./").

One question though: should I file an ITA against nslint first, or was it enough to consult Tommi and upload with the new maintainer name/address in control file and changelog?

Changelog for this version:
nslint (2.1a3-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version (closes: #163987)
  * New upstream supports bind9 TTL format (closes:#158925)
  * update config.guess/config.sub
  * New package maintainer after consulting original maintainer

Control file snippet:
Package: nslint
Architecture: any
Suggests: bind
Description: Lint for DNS files, checks integrity
 Nslint reads the nameserver configuration files and performs a
 number of consistency checks on the DNS records.
 Nslint understands both old style named.boot and BIND 8's new
 named.conf files.

Any sponsor available? The package is of course linda/lintian clean.


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