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Re: How to handle Perl modules which are not yet packaged?

On Tue, 02 Nov 2004, Roland Gruber wrote:
> LAM is a webfrontend for managing LDAP accounts which is written in
> PHP.  But there is also a small script included which allows to
> manage Quota etc.. This script uses the non-packaged Net::SSH::Perl
> module.
> So can I just close the bug because the installation is covered in
> the documentation? Or how should I deal with this problem?

You probably should Suggest: libnet-ssh-perl-perl [or whatever it
actually is] and reassign the bug against your package to WNPP and
retitle it as an RFP (or ITP if you plan to package it.)

Hopefully your directions inclue dh-make-perl --build --cpan
Net::SSH::Perl; or similar which should build a .deb to satisfy this

Perhaps someone on debian-perl would be interested in packaging this

[One also wonders why the script is using Net::SSH::Perl instead of
Net::SSH, since the latter provides similar functionality using ssh

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