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Re: RFS: Misterhouse

By the way, the original tarball is available as well.  It is not linked
via the previously enclosed URL:


Russ W. Knize said:
> Package: misterhouse
> Architecture: all
> License: GPL
> Description: a home automation program written in Perl
>  MisterHouse is an open source home automation program. It's fun, it's
>  free, and it's entirely geeky.  Written in Perl, it fires events based
>  on time, web, socket, voice, and serial data.  Perl subroutines and
>  objects are used to give a powerful programming interface.
> http://www.knizefamily.net/russ/software/misterhouse.html
> I have packaged the past two versions of the Misterhouse home automation
> tool.  As I recall, Misterhouse was an offical Debian package at one time
> (perhaps back when Slink was stable).  I have been using MH for a few
> years on Debian and have been using these packages lately.  Misterhouse is
> quite large, but I did my best to follow the FHS.  Since I use MH
> constantly and keep it updated, I plan to maintain these packages
> regardless of the outcome of this.  I just thought I could get some useful
> feedback.  This is not my first package by any means, but it is the first
> I have ever tried to get sponsored.  It's also listed as RFP (#99397) and
> I will list it as ITP if any sponsor is interested.
> Thank you,
> Russ W. Knize
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