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Re: gpsd package (looking for a review)

also sprach Tilman Koschnick <lists@subnetz.org> [2004.10.19.1546 +0200]:
> I'm not looking for a sponsor (someone already offered to upload
> it as soon it is in good shape), but for opinions. Generally
> regarding quality, and a couple of specific questions.

IMHO, nobody should upload a package they have not verified
themselves. The agreement you have with your sponsor could all too
easily lead to a blind upload.

Thus, I suggest you search for a sponsor willing to look at your
package and provide you with the feedback. Unfortunately, my Sponsee
queue is overfull, so I won't.

> - The package contains shared libraries, which as far as I know
> are only used by the gpsd programs. As I understand it, small
> packages can keep their libraries in the main package. But is this
> the preferred option?

Well, yes and no. Having them as separate packages would encourage
reuse, but maybe they aren't made for use by other programmes? You
must look at the code and decide for yourself.

> Would generating lib* and lib*-dev packages be unneccesary bloat
> or not?

Depends on your decision. If they are useful outside gpsd, then no,
it's not bloat. Otherwise it could be conceived as such.

Anyway, lib packages are not for the faint-hearted, so please do not
attempt them unless you really know how to package Debian packages,
have read the Debian library packaging guide, and have a firm
understanding of SONAMES and ABI/API versions.

> (Note that I already split out a couple of helper or test programs
> into a package called gpsd-clients to keep the dependencies for
> the main daemon small.)

Very good!

> - Basically the same question for python modules. I'd like to move
> them out of the main package to reduce the dependencies even
> further. One of the helper programs uses them - can I put them in
> there? Does a python module need to depend on python - surely any
> program using this module will depend on python anyway? (lintian
> says it needs to.)

Use dh_python.

And here too, only factor out the python modules if you expect them
to be used outside of the package. In general, I would start small
and wait for requests to separate them.

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