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Re: RFS: gaim-encryption -- encryption plugin for gaim


On Seg, 2004-10-18 at 05:06, Chris Vanden Berghe wrote:
> I've been in contact with the gaim developers who seem to be reluctant
> to add a gaim-dev package in the near future (they are considering an
> experimental package, though).  Therefore, I think it is better to go
> ahead and just ship a copy of the gaim headers until the gaim-dev is
> available.  Btw, the original ITP is more than one year old...

Shipping Gaim's headers with gaim-encryption's source is a bad idea,
IMHO, for three reasons:
1:You'll have to sync it with Gaim for every new version and you'll have
non-working plugins in the meantime between gaim's upload and your
2:Gaim's headers don't belong in gaim-encryption, they belong in gaim.
3:Your source will be different from upstream (at least if I understand
you correctly)

My ITP is more then one year old because I believe any other solution
that's been suggested this far to be a kludge.

> I've also been in contact with the upstream author who, at my request,
> has altered his plugin especially for Debian.  The Debian gaim package
> is namely compiled with --disable-nss.  Thanks to this change, this
> version of the plugin can be used without altering the gaim package
> (before it could only be shipped as gaim+gaim-encryption, now it's a
> real plugin).

What change was this, exactly? Did he port the whole NSS+NSPR code from
Gaim to gaim-encryption?
Has this change been applied to the normally distributed source or is it
a debian-hack-only?

> I think people would really like a gaim-encryption plugin package in the
> main Debian repository...

Yes, I can assume that by the number of emails I get about it, but that
doesn't justify including a hacky package, IMHO.

I'm sorry if I sound rude, but I've been packaging gaim-encryption for a
while now and would find it polite to be informed about such plans.
(Yes, I have all that fatherly crap about packages I work on)
From what I've  understood, I don't particularly like your plan, but
you're free to try to convince me, prove me wrong, or just ignore me and
upload it anyway.


 Leo Costela
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 "you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest... with... a herring!"

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