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Re: Gnome Menu Item for Debian Package

Pierre Habouzit wrote:
Le Mar 5 Octobre 2004 01:17, Sam Morris a écrit :
Pierre Habouzit wrote:
   mkdir -p debian/freeciv-cvs-client/usr/share/applications
   cp debian/freeciv-cvs-client.desktop \

   mkdir -p debian/freeciv-cvs-client/usr/share/pixmaps
   cp debian/civclient.xpm
debian/freeciv-cvs-client/usr/share/pixmaps/ uudecode
debian/civclient.png.uu -o \

why don't you use a .install file that dh_install will handle
smoothly ?

Because I didn't know I could do that! Thanks for the tip :)

in fact you have magic files for a big part of the dh_ scripts (at least with cdbs, but IIRC it's not cdbs related)

you have a per package : .install, .links, ....
it's really handy to have a quite small debian/rules :)

In fact, once I replace those lines with entries in my .install files, there will be nothing left in debian/rules except variable definitions and the CDBS includes. CDBS is lovely, if underdocumented. :)


Sam Morris

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