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Re: Sponsor for a new package

On Thursday 26 August 2004 23:43, Jesus Climent wrote:

> On the other hand, as a comment, if the package has never been
> uploaded, it does not make sense to have several changelog entries
> (2.7c-1 and 2.7c-2). They should be put together, to avoid
> dpkg-buildpackage to build a .changes which will not upload the
> complete sources (orig.tar.gz).

While this is a good idea in general, if there is some good reason to 
make new revisions (i.e. for uploading different versions to mentors, 
for local use before a package gets into debian, etc) this can be 
easily handled with -sa (to always upload source) and -v (to get all 
necessary changelog entries) to dpkg-genchanges.

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