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Re: RFS: LSongs? :)

Lawrence Williams wrote:

Lawrence Williams wrote:

Wesley J Landaker wrote:

On Tuesday 17 August 2004 15:48, Lawrence Williams wrote:
Lawrence Williams wrote:
I'm starting working on my lsongs package again, now that all the
required dependencies are in unstable :)

I would be happy to look your package over and provide comments/suggestions if you post a link to them when you're ready.

Actually, I spoke a bit too soon. I'll still need 2 more packages to get in before uploading. One is simple and small ( njbtools ) and could probably get in unstable easily. However, PyLAME might take a bit of work. Hopefully, I can get something going soon.


Update: just got both of 'em done... thanks again to Neil ( who originally packaged LSongs on mentors ). I'll do an ITP for them in the morning and ask for a multi-package RFS: ( all three: njbtools, pylame, and lsongs ).

haha now i've discovered another problem. python2.3-kde3 works only up to KDE 3.2.3 by the looks of things. So, me, using KDE 3.3, can't use it at the moment. I can build LSongs and all, but it won't run because python2.3-kde3 is incompatible with KDE 3.3 ( a problem with the upstream itself, not the package or even KDE ).

Right now, the most I can do is get everything else ready ( any missing dependencies for lsongs sponsored into unstable ), wait for upstream to update PyKDE for KDE 3.3 support ( aka python2.3-kde3 as the package is called ), get Ricardo to do another upload, and then put the final touches on LSongs itself.


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