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Re: Java libraries needed by hibernate

Jorge Pérez Burgos <jorge.perez@adaptia.net> writes:

> On Wed, 2004-08-11 at 12:02, Arnaud Vandyck wrote:
>> >  - libxom-java XML Object Model 1.0d25-1
>> >  - libicu4j-javaInternational Components for Unicode (java libraries)
>> > 2.8-1
>> >  - libjtidy-java HTML syntax checker and reformatter 0.0.20000804-1
>> > 	
>> > 	All packages in http://mentors.debian.net . I'll begin the DD process
>> > as soon as the sponsor think i'm ready. Thanks in advance.
>> What's the status of those packages?
> 	I could compile libjtidy with kaffe. I think libxom-java too, because
> only the tests that use swing doesn't work but i can't compile libicu4j
> with a free virtual machine.


So as I understand, the two first can go to main and the latest in
contrib? Does your sections are correct? Are you sure about all your
dependencies and build-dependencies? (Short) Description is correct?

> 	The packages don't throw lintian warnings and are built with cdb's.


Do you plan to package more java apps/libs? Do you plan to join Debian?
I'd be glad to have a look at your packages (give me an url or send them
as attachments), and I'll be glad to sponsor your packages if they are
in a good shape.

Can I suggest you apply to be a Debian Developer as soon as possible,
we don't like to have packages in the official archive that are not
maintained by Debian Developers.

Many thanks for your time and help in Debian,

Arnaud Vandyck

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