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Packaging MAME


I have been using debian for a while, and have been compiling my own copy of MAME (the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) (from http://x.mame.net) for my own use. It looks as if someone packaged this at some point but it never got out of unstable (I used testing) and hasn't been updated in some time. I have tried emailing the maintainer some weeks ago and have recieved no reply. I would like therefore to perhaps take over this package and try to get it up to date.

Nowadays, MAME's source has been merged (at least under UNIX) with MESS, a program which emulates a large range of computers and consoles. I am unsure of how to package two programs which come from the same source package so I thought to start with I would simply package MAME.

I'm currently trying to package MAME, but thought that I would also look for a sponsor, as I wasn't sure if it might be difficult for a contraversal package.

Thank you,


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