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Re: manpage: Section 1L


Frank Küster (frank@debian.org) wrote:
> teTeX comes with some manpages of section "1L" according to the header
> entry in the file, and lintian complains about

> W: tetex-bin: manpage-section-mismatch usr/share/man/man1/makeindex.1.gz:9 1 != 1L
This is slightly inaccurate. The section of the man page is 1 and L is a
suffix (this is what FHS calls it) or subextension (if you look at man(1)
under the documentation of the -e switch).

> It is clear that a manpage in Debian should not have such a section,
> however I would like to know whether this is Debian- (or
> Linux-)specific, so that we should change it during packaging, or
> whether I should ask upstream to change it.

Here's a random quote from the FHS:
In addition, some large sets of application-specific manual pages have an
additional suffix appended to the manual page filename. For example, the MH
mail handling system manual pages should have mh appended to all MH manuals.
All X Window System manual pages should have an x appended to the filename.

The L probably stands for latex (OK, you knew that) and if they ship enough
manpages, they might want to add a suffix. As such, Debian Policy seems to
allow it, because the man page is in section 1 all right (not to talk about
the should) and the X11 man pages have a suffix as well.

Kind regards


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