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Re: dh_installman

On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 01:00:32PM +0300, Kai Hendry wrote:
> My upstream's man pages are in directories and not correctly named for
> debhelper.


> mv doc/fr/man/zoneserver.8 doc/fr/man/zoneserver.fr.8
> But that makes the diff huge and it looks horrible. I was hoping diff
> could spot a rename, obviously not.

No, diff is pretty dumb about these sorts of things.

> So I need to nice way to feed:
> dh_installman doc/fr/man/zoneserver.fr.8 
> Although the actual file is:
> doc/fr/man/zoneserver.8

I was under the impression that dh_installman renamed the file appropriately
according to the .TH line -- at least, that's what the manpage suggests.

> I guess I mv it with the rules file, but that doesn't sound so nice to
> me. Or?

You can copy the manpage to a real name if it's needed.

> Btw I painstakingly switched to debhelper, so please don't suggest
> another system for now.

Oh, you want to use foo-blat-build-system.  It has a special DWIM feature. 

- Matt

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