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Re: RFS: splay -- Sound player for MPEG-1,2 layer 1,2,3

John Hedges <john@drystone.co.uk> John Hedges:
> I have done a fair bit of programming and I am not too phased by the
> code despite being an mpeg codec newbie. My main concern is what to do
> to implement additional functionality. Could I continue to call the
> package splay if the functionality differs considerably from the
> upstream - or must I create a new project (and upstream) based on splay
> before adding features?
I would prefer to keep the name as it is, because it is in Debian already and 
you don't have to answer questions like: "What do your package better than 
package XYZ?" if you want to introduce a new package.

Have you asked previous maintainer about hints to contact upstream?
If you tried several times to contact upstream and he doesn't reply, so take 
over the project. But I don't know how you could take over project web page 
on sf.net. Web site says, that this project was already taken over (in 2000), 
so it should be possible.

If it happens, then it's up to you, what features will be implemented. ;-)
If you divide your improvements into some steps and explain these changes in 
Changelog, I think nobody will be disturbed.

Good luck!


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