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Re: RFS: sigrot: rotates ~/.signature on every run

* L?szl? 'GCS' B?sz?rm?nyi <gcs@lsc.hu> [2004-06-17 07:22:42 +0200]:
>  Well, a while back I was trying to find one like this, and could not.
> Maybe I overlook them. So if there are others out there, I am fine
> with it's removal.

  I probably shouldn't be posting this since I haven't used sigrot, but
just thought I'd point out that this sounds like the same job "signify"
does; maybe that's the replacement you're looking for?

  John  !
 Buttery! Why do CS majors always confuse Christmas and Halloween?
www.io.c! Because DEC(25)=OCT(31).

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