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Re: Interaktive questions in "postrm purge" allowed?


> So is it ok to ask interactive questions in postrm when called with "purge"?

It depends.

If you use debconf, you should really ask that question when the package
is removed, not when its conffiles are purged, though you may only want
to delete the database files on purge. The rationale for this is that
there is no mechanism in place to guarantee that a certain other
package, in this instance debconf, is installed at purge time (though
the assumption may be fairly safe). The least bad solution I can see is
to ask at remove time, store the result outside of debconf
(/etc/default) and kill the db on purge if requested.

> As the script is not called with purge in a normal apt-get upgrade run I can
> see no problems, do you?

In an environment where database servers are set up and reconfigured
with values from an external database (e.g. an ISP that gives you
preconfigured boxes and installs certain packages on the customer's
request), I can see a use for an automated script calling your postrm
with purge.


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