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Becoming Maintainer of Cinelerra

I would like to become a maintainer of a debian package for the
cinelerra video editting software <http://www.heroinewarrior.com/>.
I haven't seen any reference to any other effort or past effort for
this software so I'm willing to take it up.  There are rpm packages
for cinelerra provided directly by the developers of it.  I've used
alien to install them, but I'd prefer to be able to apt-get them
straight from a debian mirror.

This is my first attempt at making a debian package, but just about
every other program I use already has a debian package.  Though I
have done a couple of rpm packages before.

Cinelerra includes a lot of libraries in it that are available
externally like libavc1394.  Most of the libraries are already
available as debian packages and are the same versions provided in
unstable, but most are at least close to the same version.
libraw1394 version 0.9.0 is in the cinelerra and version 0.10.1 is
in unstable.  Should I remove them from the cinelerra source code
and use the version in debian?  Also, if I do so, then that will
leave me with a huge diff file removing a lot of code from the
original tarball, should I just find a way to disable them or
slightly modify the original tarball just to remove those libraries?

cinelerra has alsa-lib, audiofile, esound, freetype, libavc1394,
libmpeg3, libraw1394, libsndfile, quicktime, tiff, toolame, libvorbis,
libogg, libdv, ffmpeg, and probably some I've missed.
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