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Upload of a new package

   I'm the mantainer of phpldapadmin, a web-based tool for managing ldap
servers. I'm not (yet!) an official Debian developer, so I asked for a
sponsor. He checked my package and uploaded in the unstable debian
archive about ten days ago...

Here my questions: 
- how long takes the verification process and when will be the package
  available in unstable? How can I monitor the state of the package?

- A new minor upstream version is available for the package, my sponsor
  told me it is better to wait the package enters in unstable before
  send the new version, because every upload before this happens "reset
  the timer" and I have to wait more time to see my package in unstable.

I'm not in this list, so if you answer please CC me.

Thanks a lot,

Fabio Tranchitella
<!> kobold.it, Turin, Italy  - Free is better!
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